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What do Food Bloggers really eat?

Food blogging this new line of work that is really unique, totally cool, and sometimes doesn't even feel real. We make all different kinds of recipes, photograph them, blog about it, share it on social media. You work with different brands and food bloggers talking about food all day long. It is really pretty great! 

 But what happens to the food that we make day in and day out? 


So in reality this is how I work and how I manage to not overeat, overindulge, and fit into my clothes. I believe, everything in moderation is the key. It is honestly the best way to live in this line of work. Not only am I a food blogger and food photographer, but I teach all different kinds of cooking classes, and well like every good chef I have to taste the food I serve. That also applies to the food blog. All the recipes I post are tasted and tried. Sometimes that is 4-6 recipes a day! Trust me not all of them a packed with vegetables and salads. What that means is that on some days I am eating more dense foods that are scrumptious but not so figure flattering. 

C'mon I am just like the rest of you I want to look good and eat some not to healthy things from time to time. 

I mean just look at the recipes below they are decadent and rich! These recipes were delicious, oh so delicious! 

The thing is I don't eat them all. I share the recipes I make with family and friends. If my boyfriend and I were to eat like this every day well it would just be unhealthy. So for me it is a taste of a small portion of the recipe and give away the rest if I can. Some of the freezer friendly recipes I package into containers and freeze until we want leftovers. When it comes to the cakes, pies, brownies, and cookies well that gets distributed to loved ones. 

On sweets days or overly rich foods I make sure that I eat a meal packed with veggies and eat leaner that day and or the next. It helps me stay in shape which I am a big fan of. So not only do I eat smaller portions of the richly decadent recipes and desserts, but I also before I start my day workout. I feel like I can't have a good work day (which means cooking and tasting) without getting in my run and workout. 

That is the 411 of how a food blogger really eats!

It is a really fun job, but moderation is definitely the motto to live by. 

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