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Tsukiji Fish Market

Tsukiji fish market is a must see. If you need a reason to travel to Tokyo is this it. The workings of this market are truly incredible and leave you in a state of awe, well at least it did for me. 

What is the Tsukiji fish market? It is one of the oldest markets working markts. Dating back to 16th century during the Edo period in Japan, fisherman from neighboring areas were given the privilege to fish and provide fresh fish to the Edo castle. As the years continued the demand increased and the market grew as well. This also lead to vegetable markets popping up in the local area.

In 1923 there was an earthquake that caused the markets to be destroyed. Tsukiji fish market was rebuilt with the well known vegetable markets moving to be a bit more independent of Tsukiji. In 2013 a big announcement was made that the fish market would be moving due to the failing infrastructure. This market has grown tremendously over the years and has become a popular travel destination as well. The new Tsukiji fish market is projected to be opening in November 2016. 

What makes this market unique is the grandiosity of it, the amount of seafood, the organization of all of its moving parts, and the tuna auction. The seafood at this market is sold to restaurants all over the world, and it brings in the highest quality of seafood you can imagine. 


The market opens up extremely early. It is recommended that you put this on your schedule for the day after you arrive. If you are traveling from the United States you will have terrible jet lag, so most likely you will be up at 4:00am when your alarm goes off of day 2 of being in Japan. You may not believe me, but you will. If you can get permission into the tuna auction it is worth it, and it begins at 5:00am. It is fast, loud, and impressive. The main market opens up around 8:30-9:00 am to the public. Things to remember while there, this is a working market so don't get in the way of the fish mongers and workers, eat breakfast at the market it truly is delicious, and take lots of photos. It truly is an incredible sight to see. 


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