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Small Gathering Holiday Cheese Board Party Appetizer


December is here! WOW wasn't ready for that just yet, but too bad here we go right into Christmas and New Years. That means cookies, cheese boards, and cocktails 3 of literally my favorite things!!! What a glorious month to eat, drink, and be merry! Cheese boards really are for any time of the year and any occasion just to be clear but there is something about the holidays that you want to entertain a little more and put pretty dishes and apps together. 

How do put together a pretty cheese board for a few people? 

Here is how! 

First off we need some cheese. Well that is a no brainer, but what types of cheeses should go on to a small party appetizer cheese board? For smaller gatherings you want to stick with more neutral cheeses nothing too forward just in case your guests don't like very forward cheeses like blue cheeses. That way there isn't a cheese on your board that stands out too much and hinders the flavors of the other cheeses and items on your small party cheese board.  Also you want to keep in mind having simple pairings so that there are multiple cheeses that go well with the additional items on your cheese board. 

So in this small gathering holiday cheese board party appetizer I choose cheeses that paired well with each other and the accoutrements on the board. Nuts are fabulous to have on a cheese board because they change the texture of what you are eating. Most cheeses texture are either soft or sem-hard and there isn't that much chewing involved when you eat them. So by adding, in this case walnuts to the cheese board we change the texture and definitely the flavor to your palate. I use raw walnuts so that you clean your palate from the salty cheese flavors. Next the grapes and berry jam are beautiful pairings to the goat cheese and the brie. Those ingredients are literally made for each other. The sweet and soft salty flavors all in one bite (ugh drooling thinking about it) is magic in cheese world. Add some really crunchy hardy crackers and well your board is simple yet elegant. Decorate your board with some herbs (like rosemary for the holiday season) and fruit (cranberries in this case) and it just makes for a beautifully presented cheese board no matter the size of your party! 


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