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Cheese Board Appetizer


Making your own cheese board is not hard at all and looks very elegant. Entertaining can be a bit nerve racking and you may be unsure of what items to serve and how to pair them. A cheese board for an appetizer is a beautiful display of flavors, colors, textures, and scents. Eating use all the senses, and when putting together like a cheese board you want to keep that in mind. 

> The visual of a cheese board should be diverse. That doesn't mean you have to have 6-10 different cheeses, jams/compotes, crackers, and accoutrements. Cheeses are expensive and they can go bad quickly if you don't  consume them within a few days. So being creative can help you save and still put together a delicious and decadent cheese board. Back to the visual of the board. You are looking for colors. In this case the green, yellow, purple, and orange of the cheeses and sides help give a pop from the wooden board and the white cheeses. Using colorful sides makes the cheese board even more appealing to the eye and therefore the palate. 

> The flavors of the board should include salty, savory, bitter, and sweet. Rarely is something spicy or has heat on a cheese board unless it is a specific cheese that has a kick. The previous flavors mentioned enhance the flavors of different cheeses, unlike spice which typically hinders the flavors. Cheeses are typically salty in flavor but with pairing it with a cracker or cured meat this helps to bring out the saltiness and focus on certain flavors of cheeses. Dried fruit, fruit, or jams are the sweetness factor which paired with for example brie cheese massively increases the flavors in the soft rind cheese. 


> Textures of different cheeses, soft, hard, semi-soft is very important when putting together a cheese board. You want to make sure you at least have 2 of the textures, but best if you have 3 or more. A good cheese board needs to have texture, but this can also be done with the sides. Pairing the cheeses with nuts, dried fruit, fresh fruit, cured meats, and crackers helps to aid in the variety of textures one seeks when enjoying an appetizer of a cheese board. Textures awaken the action of eating. If everything we ate was soft or crunchy we would get very bored of eating it over and over again. Psychologically we enjoy the change in texture, we become excited with the textures of one item and switch to another. 

> You don't have to break the bank to put together a great cheese board. I love cheeses and everything there is to do about have a glass of wine and putting together something so delicious and beautiful on a board and sharing it with company. But I don't want to spend a fortune on putting one together. There are many places like Trader Joe's, Whole Foods, or if you live in Florida Publix where you can purchase good and inexpensive cheeses. Now with that being said I am not saying they are best! Some of the best cost a bit, but also you can purchase a smaller amount of the more expensive cheeses and added more accoutrements to the cheese board to fill the board better. Cheeses are a beautiful and decadent appetizer and dessert. There is something so raw and pure about cheese and the way it makes your mouth salivate with every bite. 

Enjoy making your own cheese board! 





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