Zesty Kale Salad with a fried egg

Recipe coming soon! 


Rainbow vegetable & grain stew

This recipes is a medley of whole grains, beans, potatoes, flavors, textures, and most importantly 


Eating to nourish the body is very simple and delicious. A recipe like this one increases your 

fiber intake, which is so important to living a healthy life. The best food items to obtain fiber are 

vegetables, whole grains, beans, legumes, and fruit. 

If you are trying to get your children to eat a variety of flavors and new foods this a wonderful dish 

to expose to your children. If you make this dish more fun calling it a rainbow and having them count 

how many colors they are eating in one bite it will give them an incentive to eat more of this dish. 

Recipe (yields 6 servings, serving size is 3/4-1 cup) 


1/2 cup sprouted or regular lentils 

1/2 lb of tricolor fingerling potatoes - diced 

1 small yellow onion - small dice 

2 cups frozen kale 

1 garlic clove - minced 

1/2 cup frozen peas

1/2 cup whole grain freekeh 

1/4 cup farro 

1 15 oz can diced tomatoes 

1/2 cup vegetable broth 

3 tablespoons olive oil 

1 small jar of pimentos



Optional to add dried herbs 


Heat a large skillet or dutch oven with olive oil over medium heat. Add the onions and a pinch of salt to sweat the onions. 

Allow to cook for 2 minutes. Add the jar of pimentos with the vinegar liquid, add garlic and kale. Add more salt and pepper and 

cook for 5 minutes. Add the peas, tomatoes, potatoes, broth, lentils, freekeh, farro, and more seasoning. 

Stir together and bring to a light boil. Cover pot and reduce heat to low and cook for 30 minutes. 

Adjust seasoning if necessary and turn heat off, cover and let it sit for 30 minutes, this allows the flavors to 

come together. 

This dish is best served with Cod, Salmon, Chicken or Pork. 

Serve warm and enjoy!