On a Budget 5 Minute Cheese Board Appetizer

On a Budget 5 Minute Cheese Board Appetizer

Need that quick cheese board appetizer to put together. We have all had those moments when you have unexpected guests, or the last minute invite and you still want to play good hostess. Have a few quick go to appetizers on hand is a life savor. When we entertain we want to make sure that we have refreshments and nibbles. Getting together with friends, family, neighbors, co-workers, etc. the stress of entertaining is still there. This lifestyle blog post isn’t about what to make, but rather how to put a few things together without cooking.

The fact that this cheese board literally takes 5 minutes to prepare it is one to use at any occasion. Since we are in the fall season this board uses a bit more fall inspired ingredients. Again there is no cooking, just putting already purchased items on a large plate or board.

The key to a cheese plate or board is variety. If it is for just a few guests like 4 people for example 2 cheeses will do. If you have more than 4 people deliciously enjoying the cheeses and cocktail 3 different cheese minimum, but it is recommended to have 4-6. On a cheese board should always be a soft cheese. Brie is a favorite of most palates. So a soft brie is a classic to place on a cheese board. Of course there are varieties of brie cheeses so if you have more adventurous palates than go for the richer and creamier brie cheeses. Trader Joe’s and Bj’s Wholesales have really great prices for their cheeses, especially the bries.

A semi-soft cheese is another beautiful cheese to have as a compliment to the cheese board. When it comes to semi-soft cheeses there are many varieties. Since we are on a budget for this cheese board I recommend a Gouda. Again to purchase this cheese inexpensively head to your nearest Trader Joes’s and BJ’s.

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To save money fill your plate more with items like seasonal fruit and crackers. The less space you have for cheese the less cheese you have to buy. Remember a cheese board honestly is not only about the cheese. The additional ingredients on the board are just as important. Grapes are a beautiful additional and refresh the palate and add a touch of sweetness. Have really nutty and seeded crackers change the complexity of the cheeses and also adds texture. Scatter a few raw nuts on the cheese board as well.

Serve this On a Budget 5 Minute Cheese Board with your favorite cocktail and sit back and enjoy!

On a Budget 5 Minute Cheese Board Appetizer

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