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Mommy Program

Mommy Program

Thinking about having a baby or recently became a mom. Well first off CONGRATS! The Mommy Program is for future moms and just became a mom. Your body is a beautiful thing that carries and nurtures this baby. This program is geared towards you and your body.

For pre-baby mommy we will work on how to nourish your body with the essential nutrients for you and your future baby. What to expect when pregnant. How to adapt to the changes in your body. How to embrace the changes in your body.

Post baby mommy we will work on how to transition from pregnant to getting your body back. How to adapt to a post-baby body, weight-loss and eating habits to maintain a healthy body and mind. Helpful sleeping habits for you, easy planning to get food on the table now that life has changed and become a bit more busy, and stress management techniques to guide you through this life changing process.

Services Included:

4 sessions (phone, skype, or in-person)

Meal Planning with deliciously nourishing and hearty meals

Grocery List and Shopping Tips

Healthy Habits, Fitness Plan, and Sleeping Techniques

Stress Management

Support and Accountability during and post the program

” After having my son life totally changed and I felt out of control. I was so happy to be a mom and loved every second, but I needed help with me. From the lack of sleep, to the random meals I would eat I felt lost. Working with Alexandra she created a plan just for me to help me get rest, feel rested, eat well with easy recipes and easy cooking tips. After just one week I felt so refreshed and really like the most amazing mom.”

Jenna V.