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Tips to Reboot the Body from Vacation

Ever come from vacation and you feel like you need to reboot your body? Well I definitely do! 

Whether it is the time difference, the jet lag, the change in diet, the lack of exercise, or the increase in drink; there are many reasons as to why you want to reboot after a vacation. When on a trip you change your habits, which is great. You should change slightly while on vacation and take advantage of your location. One thing about vacation though is that it is not an opportunity to "cheat" from your lifestyle. First off the term "cheat day" or "cheat meal" are not a part of well-being. But that is for another discussion. 

Back to rebooting the body. What does this mean? Basically it means we are restarting from the cellular level. It is a day of recharge from the inside out. 

Tips to Reboot: 

> Hydrate with water

Drinking plenty of water keeps your cells rejuvenate. Water makes up the majority of our weight and the cells. When our cells are deprived of water functions don't work as optimally. 

> Vegetables are your best friends

When we increase our vegetable intake, and I am not talking about salads, we increase our access to vitamins and minerals. What does that mean having a surplus of these? It means our bodily functions are functioning correctly. When we change our diet, sleeping habits, and lifestyle habits our body takes a hit due to the change. We have to provide the best source of vitamins and minerals to make sure our bodily functions return to their optimal level. 

> Cook with spices & herbs

Spices and herbs were the original form of medicine. Things like turmeric, cinnamon, allspice, basil, and mint just to name a few contain healing properties. During the few days of rebooting we want to increase the use of spices and herbs to enhance our bodies ability to heal itself from any vacation trauma that occurred. 

> Go to bed early

Sleep allows the body to fully rejuvenate. When we travel we tend to not sleep as well or go to bed late and wake up early. The first few days back from vacation get to bed early. We need those hours of quality sleep to fully reboot our bodies. When we sleep that is when our body is healing itself, resetting, and essential to well-being. So make the point to disconnect and get cozy in bed a little earlier than usual. 





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