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Improve the Health of Your Gut

Your gut or the small and large intestine are essential in healthy digestion. The majority of nutrients is absorbed in these parts, especially the small intestine. The health of these organs helps to determine your overall health. I know a bold statement, but true. So it is important to focus a bit attention on this area.

How to improve it? 

Some very simple ways to improve it is to provide it with Probiotics, and certain fermented foods. If you think about it almost all cultures have been fermenting foods for centuries. The processes of fermentation means bacteria is formed. When we think bacteria we think bad, but not in this case. This bacteria helps to improve our gut. Since our gut is saturated with millions of bacteria. We want to make this a healthy environment for our gut bacteria. The more we feed it the right kinds of bacteria the overall our health improves. There is a strong theory that our gut bacteria has a strong impact on our mental state. And that's impressive!

2 foods to regularly consume in your diet: Farmer's Cheese or Fresh Cheese and Sourdough bread. 

YES! Cheese and bread are good for you! I am not taking about processed individually packaged sliced cheese with fake chemicals, I am talking the real stuff.. Farmer's cheese or kefir which is a fermented fresh cheese with just curds. When you make cheese you separate the curds from the whey. Well those curds contain probiotics, which help to improve our gut bacteria. It may cause some gas initially, but don't worry it is a good sign. If you live close to a farm and are able to purchase raw milk or raw milk cheese, and you are not pregnant I highly recommend it. Here in the US we pasteurize our dairy products, other countries like in Europe dairy products are unpasteurized providing more health benefiting dairy products, plus it is more delicious. The health benefits of fresh cheese are: help to keep pathogens at bay, a more efficient and effective ability to digest food, and help to protect against illness. 

Bread, well sourdough bread is actually good for you in moderation. A few times a week consuming a freshly baked and locally made sourdough bread will help to improve your gut health. Sourdough is made from a starter, which means basically bacteria. This Lactobacillus produces a higher amount of lactic acid which means it helps to reduce phytic acid, which comes from legumes and whole grains and can negatively affect our health. When balanced with a regular consumption of something like sourdough bread you counteract the negative affects of phytic acid. The body works like a checks and balance system. The benefits of one food hinders the negative affects of another food. Also another great benefit of sourdough bread is the pre-digestebility it offers from the combination of the bacteria from the starter and the yeast it contains. It helps to digest whole grains and starches. Also it improves the digestebility of vitamins and minerals. 

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