How To Set Your News Years Health Goals

This time of the year begins the new years resolutions. Thinking about what goals you want to set for the new year. And how to improve your health and well-being.

Many of the health goals are usually weight loss, eat better, be healthier, work out more, stop eating junk food, cook more, no more sugar, dry January, and so on…

These are all wonderful goals and ones that you should set. After the holidays and the start of a brans new year, instills a sense of new beginning. A new challenge to make this new year, AMAZING. Oh boy I do hope this new 2021 year is exceptional for all, and healthy for everyone. 2020 has been a rough one and this upcoming year setting these goals is important.

How to set a goal

A goal is something you want to achieve. All my nutrition programs start with a goal. This goal can be big or small. The goal is personal and something you want to achieve.

The first to establishing your goal, is to find out what it is you really want. You can have many goals, but having 1 goal gives you clarity, vision, and drive to achieve that goal.

Be concrete in your goal. Define what the goal is and what achieving it will do for you. How will it improve your health, your life, your well-being. For example, the goal of wanting to eat healthier is great, but it is very generic. Instead create the goal of, eliminating processed packaged foods in your house. This creates a concrete goal where you can take tactic action that results in you reaching your goal by removing all the highly processed packaged foods out of your kitchen and pantry, and replacing them with real whole foods.

Set Smaller Goals

Setting your big new years goal is wonderful, but come February that goal usually gets forgotten about or no longer is your priority. When you set smaller goals that lead you to your big goal you are more likely to achieve your goal. If your goal is to lose 20 lbs, that is great, but it is a long road to get there. Many distractions and old habits may filter there way back in. To stay focused and on track begin to set small goals that will lead you there. For weight loss the small goals don’t have to be scale focused. Instead make them fun, doable, and change them up every few weeks so that you motivated to achieve them.

Create a Realistic Timeline

We live in a world of instant gratification. We want something now. This doesn’t translate to health and wellness. Setting health goals and achieving them take time. Be realistic when you set your new years health goal. Set your timeline with something you know you can achieve. This will help to ensure that you reach your goal. If your timeline for your goal is too short or unrealistic you will either give up or when you don’t reach it think you failed. That doesn’t have to happen if you are realistic with yourself about how long it will take you achieve your goal.

Don’t Focus on the Scale

Setting new years weight loss goals is good, but don’t focus on the scale. The diet culture gets so worked up about the number on the scale. If you have a set weight loss number, don’t live and breathe by the number on that scale. Instead reframe the mindset to understand that having a weight loss goal is good to have, but it will also provide you with so many other incredible health benefits by starting the weight loss journey.

Your weight doesn’t define who you are. It is a number, that doesn’t make you the person you are. Forget the scale and begin with adding small goals that will lead you on your weight loss journey.

As you begin to think about your New Years Goals have all of these things in mind to help shape and create your goal.

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