Freezer Friendly Meal Guide

Freezer Friendly Guide for all those busy Moms and Dads

Freezer Friendly Meal Guide

Okay stop slow down and take a second. First off you deserve it! Life is busy and it just never really seems to slow down. This is a great thing that life is filled with so much to do, people to see, things to go and do, but we also need to take a second, an hour, a day, or a week to just slow it down and breathe. This post is going to help your busy life in the food department. I am going to give you a few tips, tricks, and helpful guideline to not be spending so much time in the kitchen all the time. I do want to preface that to eat well, eat healthy, and have a nourishing meal we do have to spend a little bit of time in the kitchen.

Here are some helpful guidelines to get your freezer stocked with leftover meals ready for those busy days, nights, and weeks.

Freezer Friendly Meal Guide

Helpful Tips

 1. Make larger portions. The large the portion of what you make the more you can put in a freezer container and store. This is the only time you will hear me say larger portions. We should be eating smaller portions on our plate, but to prep make more to have extra.

Lasagna is one of those meals to make extra of and portion the pieces into containers and place in the freezer. It is a wholesome complete meal and defrosts beautifully. When making freezer friendly meals we do have to think about how the food will reheat. There are definitely some meals that just don’t eat well when previously frozen.

 2. Make sauces and dressings. A sauce can jazz up any meal and to make it from scratch every time no thank you. Who has time for that??? We definitely don’t. So make 1-2 sauces a month and store that individually in a container and place in the freezer for any meat, fish, chicken, pork, or pasta dish.

Freezer Friendly Meal Guide

3. Soups and stews are amazingly freezer friendly. Make a vegetable based soup, make a beef stew or chili, and also have on hand homemade chicken noodle soup. Having at least one of these in your freezer at all times. Trust me on this one you will be thankful to have a spinach and broccoli soup, or my white bean chicken chili, or your favorite chicken noodle soup on a late night after a day of constant running around.

4. Dedicate 2-3 days of the month and spend a few hours in the kitchen preparing these dishes. They don’t to be elaborate, they just have to be tasty and a good go to when your schedule is overbooked and you want to maintain eating well balanced meals. It is much healthier for us and our families to be eating pre-made freezer friendly meals than frozen meals, or eating junk on the go.

Freezer Friendly Meal Guide


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