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Wonton Egg "Ravioli"


Doesn't the photo just intrigue you??? This recipe combines so many amazing ingredients: wonton wrappers, egg yolks, ricotta, marinara sauce, ravioli!!! It's a blending of cultures and convenience. You know me I love to make pasta from scratch, but sometimes we need a short cut. Something to speed up the time in the kitchen yet still receiving a nourishing and healthy meal. Here are a few helpful tips when grocery shopping.

 Very few people have the time to make everything from scratch, and most don't have the desire. If something is already made for us, why make it? I agree with that to a certain extent. We have to make the time some of the time. When we are extremely busy and need to purchase items, like for example marinara sauce, we need to know which one to purchase. We want to nourish our body not harm it. Unfortunately there are a plethora of the later that fill the aisles of the grocery stores, then consequently fill our pantries, which means they fill our stomach. It is a vicious cycle and it is not good. But knowing which already made food products to purchase will improve the quality of your food and therefore improve the quality of your health. 

Not everyone is going to make pasta from scratch so a wonderful way to create a "homemade ravioli" without making pasta is to purchase wonton wrappers. Before purchasing just any, read the ingredient label. This is where we find out what we are really eating. If there are fewer then 10 ingredients you are on the right path, anything more than 10 and you know that the food item is questionable if it is good for us. If you can pronounce the ingredients then you most likely know what they are, another great sign the pre-made food item is a good one to purchase. Now you have to do a bit of work. Find out what the ingredients do for your health. Becoming aware of what ingredients help to improve your body. This will make you a more conscious shopper and because of that you will start to fill your grocery bag with better for you ingredients. 


Yields 2 servings 

Time: 20 minutes


6 egg yolks (organic preferably) 

12 wonton wrappers (I used Nasoya

1 cup whole milk organic Ricotta cheese 

Salt + Pepper 

Marinara Sauce (I used Whole Foods Organic 365 Tomato Basil

Fresh Basil for garnish 


1. Bring a pot of water to a boil. 

2. To assemble the "raviolis", lay out 2 rows of wontons. 6 and 6. Dollop 1 tablespoon roughly of ricotta in the center of 6 wontons. Make a concave indentation in the center of the ricotta. This is where the egg yolk is going to be placed. 

3. Separate the egg yolks from the whites. Save the whites they can come in handy for many other recipes like an Angel Food Cake. Place one yolk in the center of each ricotta filled wonton. Sprinkle with a little salt and pepper. 

4. To seal the wonton, wet the perimeter of the ricotta and egg filled wonton. Place the other wrapper on top and gently seal well. If it is not sealed well the ricotta will ooze out when you boil it. Place the sealed "raviolis" in the boiling water. Cook for 1-2 minutes.

5. Heat up the marinara sauce while the "raviolis" boil. Serve the "raviolis" over the marinara, garnish with basil and enjoy! 




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