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Spinach & Chicken Rosemary Stew

Today marks the first day of Autumn. Oh how the leaves change, there is a crispness in the air, and the wonders of fall produce and flavors. Not quite so much here in Miami! But I do love this season, by far my favorite. To celebrate this magnificent season in food I have a made a delicious stew with rosemary, which for me is a flavor of the cooler month. Sweet potato which means Thanksgiving is coming, my favorite holiday. It is a quick and simple recipe, packed with flavor showing how to use seasonal ingredients as the season changes from summer to fall.

Yields 4 servings 


2 chicken breast -diced

3 chicken thighs boneless/skinless- diced 

1 small yellow onion - small dice 

 1 bag frozen chopped spinach 

2 small sweet potatoes - peeled and diced 

1 cup mushrooms - diced 

1/2 cup chicken stock 

Olive oil 

Salt + Pepper 

4 sprigs fresh rosemary - half minced and the other 2 sprigs whole


1. In a large pan, heat olive oil over medium heat. Once hot add the onions with a pinch or 2 of salt to let them sweat.

2. Meanwhile dice the chicken on a separate cutting board and season both sides with salt and pepper. 

3. Add the mushrooms and let them cook for about 3-5 minutes. Then add the spinach and let the water come out, this should take about 8-10 minutes. 

4. At this point had half of the rosemary the minced half. Now add the chicken and sweet potato. Season the dish with salt and pepper. If it is looking too dry add the chicken stock. 

5. Let this cook uncovered for 10 minutes. Then cover and reduce the heat to low, at this point if you haven't already add the chicken stock and the whole sprigs of rosemary. Let the dish cooked covered for 15-25 minutes. 

6. This dish becomes more deep and rich in flavors if it sits longer. So I suggest making this in the morning or the day before. Garnish with a little rosemary if you'd like and enjoy! 




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