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Vegetable Complete Protein Mexican Summer Salad

This is a great salad to make in the summer, packed with deliciously vibrant flavors and loads of nutrients. It is a cold salad, by the way!

 I like to make dishes that are culturally derived. The Mexican cuisine is filled with rich nutritious recipes. The nutrients we get from our food determines our health, and cultures and cuisines have evolved by learning how to pair certain foods together. This either helped to eliminate certain diseases, and also helped to provide more energy from the correct foods. 

This recipe is a great example of all the above. Black beans and rice when paired together make a complete protein. More energy! Which means all 9 essential amino acids are are consumed by pairing these 2 non-animal proteins together. By using brown rice, you increase the fiber intake of the dish, as well as the nutritional benefits of whole grains. 

Corn is a staple food item in Mexico and has been a part of the gastronomy since the Mayans, Incas, and Aztecs. So basically a very very very long time ago. It even was so important to them that it was an offering to their Gods. Since corn is eaten often in the diet, and has been for some time, the health of the people began to decline. This is due to fact that niacin a B vitamin wasn't being absorbed well or at all due to the rich intake of corn. Vitamins and minerals are what allows for proper bodily functions to work. People realized that when lime was used or included in the recipe to make everything from masa to eating plain corn their health improved. This is because lime makes niacin more available to the body to absorb. The lime in this recipe is a double win because it makes the niacin in the corn and brown rice more bioavailable to the body. 

Yields 8 servings


2 cans of low or no sodium black beans - drain & rinse (I used Whole Foods 365)

2 cans of corn- drain & rinsed (Whole Foods 365 or Trader Joe's)

1 1/2 cups of brown rice

3 cups water

1 red bell pepper - small dice

1/2-2/3 cup red onion- small dice

½ cup fresh cilantro – minced (less if desired)

2 limes – juiced

Red wine vinegar + Extra Virgin Olive Oil to taste

Salt + Pepper


Cook rice. 2 parts water to 1 part grain. Bring to a boil, cover pot, lower heat to low and cook for 40- 50 minutes.

Meanwhile prepare the salad. Rinse and drain canned corn + black beans well.

Cut vegetables and add to the bowl.

Once the rice is cooked, fluff it with a fork to let it cool. Then add it to the bowl.

Season well with salt + pepper. Add the lime juice, and your desired amount of vinegar & olive oil.

Garnish with cilantro and enjoy a wonderful summer salad.

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