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Quinoa Shrimp Lunch Jar to Go

Packing your own lunch to work or school is one of the healthiest choices you can make. Unfortunately the food choices we have around us that are fast casual and not to expensive aren't the best for our waistline and well-being. Packing lunch and snack allows for you the cook to control what goes on your plate. This is very important because what we see we tend to go for and eat. Also packing your lunch means you are less tempted to go to the local dive near by work. 

Packing your lunch in something like a mason jars helps to control portions as well. We can only fit so much in the jar so there is no concern of overeating. Another reason to pack your lunch, no huge portions. Portions are becoming larger and larger, which means, we become larger and larger. By correctly balancing your portions with whole grains, vegetables, healthy fat, and proteins, the mason jar lunch is a perfect vessel to hold your home cooked meal. 

Yields 2 servings 


12 -15 shrimp- peeled and deveined 

3/4 cup white sprouted quinoa -cooked (You can use non-sprouted and any color quinoa) 

1/2 small yellow onion 

1 small zucchini or 1/2 medium - diced 

1 cup cauliflower florets (I used frozen cauliflower) 

1/2 cup frozen corn kernels 

1/2 orange bell pepper - diced 

1 Handful of flat leaf parsley 

3 tablespoons olive oil 

Salt + Pepper 


Rinse the quinoa with cold water. 

Place the quinoa in a pan with equal parts water and 2 pinched of salt. 

Bring the quinoa to a boil, cover and lower the heat to low. Let this cook for 15 minutes. Fluff with a fork and let this cool before building the lunch jar. 

Meanwhile, prepare the vegetables. 

Heat 2 tablespoons of olive oil in a saute pan. 

Add the onions and salt, let this sweat for 2 minutes over medium heat. 

Then add the rest of the vegetables. Allow the vegetables to cook for 6-9 minutes, until the frozen vegetables have defrosted but they still are a bit tender. Once the veggies have cooked, put them on a plate to cool.

Add the remaining olive oil to the same saute pan. 

Season the shrimp with a bit of salt and pepper, and add them to the pan over medium heat. 

The shrimp cook in about 3-5 minutes. Once they turn pink and curl they are done. 

Remove the shrimp from the pan and cut them into small pieces. 

Once everything has cooked and cooled it is time to build the lunch jars. 

First with 1/2 of the jars filled with quinoa, top with the vegetable medley, add the diced shrimp and garnish with parsley. 

Seal the jars place in the fridge and they are ready to take to work, school, or an on the go kind of day. 



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