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Strawberry Lemon Rum Punch Cocktail


No need to have a party to make a delicious and sweet filled cocktail. We should be celebrating everyday clinking our glasses. CHEERS!!! 

This cocktail is fruity sweet and  a lot of fun to serve. Since we are entering soon into the berry season well it only seems appropriate that we have a cocktail to go along with the spring season. The sweet nectar of strawberries perfumes the air and makes you smile. Who doesn't love all things strawberry??? 


I didn't think so! 

Rum and strawberries just go together. A strawberry daiquiri, hello a Caribbean favorite and a college favorite of mine as well. I know I was that girl with a frozen drink in my hand at the bar. So let's call this a more elegant and mature version of that! 


Yields 4 servings 

Time 10-15 minutes 


2 cups club soda 

1/2 cup fresh strawberries - cubed - extra for garnish 

2 lemons - juiced 

1/4 cup sugar 

1/4 cup water

6-8 shots of Bacardi Superior Rum 

1 bunch fresh mint leaves - extra for garnish

1 bunch fresh basil leaves - extra for garnish


1. To make the lemon simple syrup place the sugar and water in the sauce pan. Bring this to a boil until the sugar has dissolved. Turn the heat off off and stir in the juice of 1 lemon. Set this aside to cool. 

2. To prepare the cocktail, add the strawberries, basil and mint into a pitcher. Muddle the mixture until the juice of the strawberries comes out. Add the club soda, simple syrup, rum and remaining lemon juice and mix this together. 

3. Pour crushed ice into each glass and serve the strawberry rum punch. Garnish each glass with some mint and basil leaves and add a strawberry. 



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