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Chocolate Mousse


If you know me you know I love chocolate. Can't go a day without it, seriously! Chocolate to me is a life line. It's that first bite of pure bliss from the fat that coats your mouth and sends a blissful sensation down your spine. OH, chocolate! Chocolate lovers understand that description. Chocolate mousse is not only for chocolate lovers, but for everyone. It is a beautifully elegant French dessert. The recipe here is simple and won't intimidate you at all. When you think mousse sometimes you may get scared because it is too difficult to prepare. Trust me this recipe is an easy one. 

This chocolate mousse recipe will make you look like a professional chef. If you are serving this as a dessert for a dinner party, which I highly recommend you will blow your guests out of the water with the elegance of the dessert. I highly recommend this dish of chocolate mousse as an entertaining dessert. Why you ask? (Glad you did) 

Here is why! 


When you have guests over the last thing you want to do is be stuck in the kitchen. You are entertaining to have fun, enjoy the company of friends, family, co-workers, or neighbors. It's not about showing off your cooking skills in the kitchen, your guests are not in there. They are there to drink, eat, and enjoy. This chocolate mousse is perfect for the entertaining atmosphere. You prepare it earlier in the day and leave it in the fridge to set until serving time when you can garnish is as you desire and serve. There no stress or worry about preparing dessert while you have to worry about the rest of the meal, which should be an easy recipe and one you have practiced before as well.

Here is a tip!

Never prepare a dish you have never made before when you are entertaining. This is a disaster waiting to happen. If you are having fun and cooking together with a friend or 2 and it's for fun and nothing serious, then yes try a new recipe, experiment. That is what the kitchen is for. It is a science lab of food at times. Mine definitely turns into that more often than not! But when it comes to seriously entertaining, let's say the in-laws, or co-workers, or for a holiday party then you want to be well versed in the recipe you are preparing. Make it a few times before. See how you can tweak it to your liking better, or your style of cooking. If you are not a big time cook and don't really enjoy it then stick to the recipe and follow the ingredient list to a T. There is no harm in that at all. That is why I do this. To help you create beautiful dishes, with easy recipes so that you look like a professional rock star chef in your kitchen. With this chocolate mousse recipe you can't go wrong! 





Yields 3 small servings 

Time 20 minutes to prepare/ 4 hours to set


120 grams mixed dark & semi sweet chocolate

1 large egg - room temperature 

50 grams cane sugar 

70 grams heavy cream 

70 grams 2% milk 

Garnish: hazelnuts, chestnuts, orange zest, whipped cream....


1. Heat heavy cream and milk to a medium/hot temperature, not scolding. You want it warmed through. You can do this on the stove or in the microwave.

2. Over a double boiler slowly melt the 2 kinds of chocolate chips. Best to do this slowly as to not seize the chocolate. Half way through melting the chocolate add the heated heavy cream and milk. Remove the bowl with the chocolate and now cream liquid and stir aggressively to melt all the chocolate and create a beautiful smooth texture.

3. Now whisk in the sugar and a pinch of salt and place the bowl over the double boiler again to heat the sugar and break up all the sugar granules. Remove once smooth and let it cool for 2-4 minutes at room temperature. 

4. Crack the egg and place it in the chocolate mixture. With a spatula mix the egg well. The residual heat will cook the egg. Evenly pour the mousse into the serving dishes and place in the fridge to set for 4 hours. 

To serve garnish as desired and serve. 

*** If you are prepare this for 5-6 guests triple the recipe.***

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