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Italian Affogato

Affogato in Italian means "drowned" and literally the gelato is drowned from the hot espresso being poured over it. It is a refreshing dessert to end a meal and consistency changes as you eat it from creamy gelato to soft and melted. Gelato was invented in Florence and it is said that some of the best gelaterias are in Florence. I need to research this for myself and I will get back to you with a definite answer!

During the Renaissance Catherine di Medici took her cooks and chefs from Italy to France. The meals they were preparing we Italian and this meant gelato. The royal court in France was amazed by the creamy dessert, gelato. It became the fashion to enjoy gelato at royal gatherings. It became a popular treat among the commoners when a Sicilian man who was trained in Florence moved to Paris and opened up a restaurant. He was preparing Italian dishes, one of them being gelato. The dessert took off among Parisians. Not only was it a popular treat among royalty but also among the local Parisians.  Well from there it grew with popularity. I think anything with gelato is delicious. 

The affogato doesn't really have an exact date of being created. It sort of was just created, in Italy of course. This served as a dessert or also as an afternoon snack on really hot days. The recipe is very simple and I recommend it for a dessert if you are planning a dinner party and you want something quick and simple. Or if you want to simply enjoy a delicious dessert any other night. 

Yields 1 serving 


2 scoops of vanilla gelato (or ice cream) 

2-3 oz of espresso 


1. Pour espresso over gelato! 


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