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Fruit Pops

Fourth of July weekend is here again. And it is a hot one, well I guess we say that every year. Especially where I live in Miami. I wanted to make something that will help to cool everyone off and they are perfectly color coordinated with the holiday. Cheesy but cute! I am always one to advocate getting kids in the kitchen this a great recipe to make with kids. Plus everyone is getting in their fruits and vegetables!!! 

Yields 7-8 servings of all the flavors combined 


To make the beet pop (yields 3-4 pops)

1 cup beet juice 

1/2 cup apple juice 

2 tablespoons carrot juice


To make the blueberry & strawberry pop (yields 4 pops)

1 cup coconut water 

2 tablespoons blueberries 

2 tablespoons diced strawberries 


To make the beet pops, mix together the 3 juices, evenly pour into the pop mold. 

To make the blueberry and strawberry pop, pour the coconut water into the pop mold and add the desired fruit. You can mix the fruit together as well. 

Place the lid on top of the molds and stick the wooden sticks into the mold. It may not go all the way down to the bottom and that is okay. Sometimes the fruit gets in the way but it will still freeze to the stick. 

Place in the fridge for a minimum of 4 hours but best overnight. 

Serve and enjoy! 

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