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What’s for lunch? Isn’t that always the questions? The middle of the day whether it is a week day or weekend, it is smack in the middle. That makes it hard. But skipping the meal or just have a snack or 2 doesn’t count as real nourishment. Sorry, hate to break it to you.

Lunch is a meal usually 3-5 hours post breakfast. Which means you need to eat like it. Grabbing a small egg white snack box from Starbucks isn’t a meal. Just having an all green lettuce salad isn’t a meal. Eating a handful of nuts and coffee just to keep you going doesn’t count. So the question is, what to eat?

I understand that you may not be home every day to cook lunch. Plus let’s be honest you also don’t want to cook every day for lunch. You are probably cooking enough as is an to add in another one, just won’t work. There are 3 categories when it comes to lunch: No Cook options. Easy Cook or Leftovers, or On the Go Pick Up or Take out

No Cook

When it comes to no cook options for lunch well these are the simple ones. A no cook option that probably comes right to your mind is a salad. But just a salad isn’t a complete meal. So add on hard boiled eggs, sliced deli meat and cubed cheese, toss in some diced avocado, canned chickpeas. There are plenty of other options besides salad. You are not going to have a salad every day at lunch. So, how about making a quick toast with avocado. Or you can just open a tin of sardines and some seeded crackers for a nourishing balanced meal. Really don’t feel like cooking, buy a rotisserie chicken and cube or shred it and complete your meal with baby carrots and celery dipped in guacamole or hummus. No cook is really an option when it comes to lunch.

Easy Cook

When it comes to cooking and lunch you want it to be quick. Whether you are preparing it right then and there fresh, or meal prepping it a day or 2 ahead. The name of the game is easy! Some options for easy lunches are: shrimp or chicken stir fry, quinoa pilaf, turkey burger (which you can purchase frozen or already assembled at Whole Foods), chicken sausages, or bake some chicken tenders. Make your meal complete with some vegetables, either cooked or raw. There are plenty more options when it comes to easy lunch options.

Good for you on the go or pick-up

Don’t have anything to cook, not in the mood, and just want to do pick up or take. No problem there are loads of options. Go for options like a chicken grain bowl, ceviche, sushi, poke bowl, salad with protein and veggies, wrap, soup or salad… There are again plenty more options.

When it comes to lunch the key is BALANCE. That is the foundation for all your meals. You want them to be colorful, nourishing, and if you are making it, you want them easy to prepare.

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