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Miami Private Cooking Lessons and Nutrition Consultations

Miami Private Cooking Lessons and Nutrition Consultations

A Taste of Wellbeing presents Community Cooking Classes. Join me Chef Alex to teach you, your family, and friends delicious and easy recipes.  During our cooking class we will discuss cooking tips & tricks, healthier alternatives to your favorite recipes, holiday themed recipes, grocery lists for all the recipes we will be preparing, and of course tasting the decadent delights we cook and bake up.

These private at home cooking classes are more fun with friends, spouse, family, co-worker, and/or neighbor for a 2 cooking experience. You will learn 2-3 recipes each class.

Kids cooking classes are a great way to get your kids in the kitchen, learning about food, eating new foods and recipes. Studies show the more kids learn about food from a young age, the more likely they are to be healthy throughout their lives. Cooking lessons for kids ages 6-8 are 1 hour and a half. Cooking lessons for kids ages 9-18 are 2 hours. Each lesson we build on new techniques, learn new cuisines, and make delicious foods. 

To reserve your date and time please email or call to schedule. 

For adult private at home cooking classes and group classes please call or email for more information and menus. 


Nutrition consultations are 1 hour consultations. Each consultation is geared towards education and promoting a balanced health filled lifestyle. With my certification as a Nutritionist I found it so important to create a nutrition certification program for kids and adults. Whether you are just interested in your family having a nutrition consultation, your kids learning a 101 group nutrition class, or you personally need nutrition guidelines and consulting this is just for you. 

These consultations are interactive and are scheduled based on your needs. 

To schedule please email or call. 


*** Any food allergies or food intolerances must be emailed to

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Kids Summer Cooking and  Baking Camp coming soon…

Kids Summer Baking Camp is all about baking! A week long 2.5 hour camp focused on a learning baking skills. These 4 days of kids baking camp will help to develop kids baking skills. The camp is interactive and filled with different baking techniques, terms, and baking science. During the week bakers will learn to read and write their own recipes. A Taste of Wellbeing Kids Summer Baking Camp is a hands one, fun, and unique learning experience.

Kids Summer Cooking Camp is open to kids ages open to ages 7-14 years old.