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Bride + Groom Program

Bride + Groom Program

Wedding preparations can overwhelming and stressful. This is a beautiful time in your life and your future partners life. Congrats on your engagement!!!

This is a customized program made for you to feel absolutely amazing on your wedding. If you have weight-loss or maintenance goals that is what I here for. You will feel nourished, glowing with happiness and beauty, reduce any stress of planning or the big day, and calm your nerves. Being the bride is so exciting!

Services included:

4 sessions 1 hour each(phone, skype, or in-person) where we will deep dive into what your goals are, how to maintain them, and tips and tricks on how to look and feel your best

Fitness Guide

Nutrition and Meal Plan Guides

Grocery List and Shopping Essentials

Healthy Habit Guide

” I was so excited to be a bride, but once I started planning I become so stressed. I forgot to take that time for self-care. When I started working with Alexandra she changed that all for me. I reached my weight-loss goals, felt stress free, looked like I was glowing leading up to the big day, the day of, and post for a few weeks. This program really is something so wonderful and worth it as a bride. Everything I learned and did made me feel like I was the most beautiful bride.”

– Sarah T.