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Whole Wheat Blueberry Cake

Yields 9 servings 


1/2 cup Whole Wheat Flour

1/2 cup All purpose Flour

1/2 cup Bran

1 heaping cup fresh blueberries

2 large eggs

1 stick unsalted butter - melted

1/4 cup unsweetened applesauce

1/2 cup cane sugar

2 tablespoons honey

1 teaspoon baking soda

1/2 teaspoon baking powder

1/4 teaspoon sea salt

1 teaspoon vanilla extract 


Preheat oven to 350 degrees. 

In a large bowl add all the ingredients except the blueberries. 

With a spatula mix until a smooth batter is created. Be careful to not over mix. 

Add the blueberries and fold them into the batter. 

Pour the batter into a lightly buttered 9 x 13 baking pan or a loaf pan. This recipe can also be made into muffins. 

Bake in the oven for 21-25 minutes, until the center is completely cooked and the top is just golden. 

Remove from oven, allow it to cool for 5 minutes and flip the cake out of the pan. 

Let the cake cool another 20 minutes before cutting. 



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