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No more fad dieting! Reach your weight loss and health goals with simple long term habits.

Get the clarity, structure, and accountability you need to create a diet and a life you love.


“ So grateful for this program and Alexandra! Within the first few weeks I realized all the dieting I had been trying was harming my health and I wasn’t losing the weight I had been dieting for. I should have started this program years ago! ”


“I have been fit and athletic most of my life. A few months ago my energy levels were dipping with added life and work stress. I tried keto, but it wasn’t working for the long term. The program changed my life. I tailored how I eat, cook and my mindset about dieting. Honestly this was the missing puzzle piece to complete my well-being. ”


“Alexandra’s professionalism and friendliness is a major reason why I chose to do this program. I had been suffering from bloating, negative body image, and yo-yo dieting. The constant attention, care, and valuable information changed my health both physically and mentally. I have finally lost the weight I had wanted to. I love my body, and no longer have issues with bloating.”


I am a Certified Nutritionist and Chef and founder of A Taste of Wellbeing.


#1. Finally achieve the weight loss you have tried with fad diets without restricting any foods.

#2. Gain real energy through proper nutrition with simple easy meals catered specific to you and your health needs. Gain the proper nutrition knowledge that has confused you in the past.

#3. Ditch negative body image issues and gain self confidence in your beautiful body.

In this FREE DOWNLOAD, you’ll learn…
  • A Pantry Guide ,what are the best foods to keep in your pantry + fridge, how to know which foods are processed.
  • Organic Food Guide , learn which foods you should purchase organic, why certain foods should be organic, and what difference between organic and non-organic is.
  • Sugar Guide , you will learn how sugar affects your health, which sugars are real versus artificial, and a list of all the hidden sugars in food.


I am a Certified Nutritionist, Chef and founder of A Taste of Wellbeing.

I have been working with clients for almost a decade and found a serious need for personalized nutrition. With so many fad diets, with confusing and conflicting information, I created A Taste of Wellbeing to be the place for proper personal nutrition information. Helping others gain this freedom from fad diets and yo-yo dieting is a life long mission, and I truly love what I do. I have helped hundreds of people transform their lives.

HOW? By understanding each individuals’ unique makeup, biology and nutritional needs. By creating personalized nutrition and lifestyle recommendations and overcoming mindset limiting beliefs.

Learn how to eat and live mindfully! Create the healthy eating habits you desire without the fad diets.

Get the clarity, structure, and accountability you need to create a life you love.