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My Story

Hi there and welcome to A Taste of Wellbeing, my name is Alexandra Golovac. Thanks for stopping by and getting to know me. I hope that you find A Taste of Wellbeing helpful in your life and it brings you joy to prepare delicious, easy, and good for you recipes. Food lover is an understatement! Food is my life. I love cooking, baking, eating, reading, learning, teaching, and sharing food. I have dedicated my life to the world of food.

I love it so much that I decided to get my culinary degree, a Certificate Masters in Gastronomy/ Food Studies, and I am also a Certified Nutritionist. With my knowledge and passion for food, wellness, and happiness I have created Live Healthy & Happy. This program is a guided wellness nutrition program which gives you the pillars of wellness to create that simple long lasting lifestyle. I also teach kids and adult cooking classes and programs.

What I do? 

  • Nutrition and Wellness Coach
  • Chef Instructor
  • Recipe Developer

Cooking with Kids

3 years ago I created an elementary school cooking and nutrition program called C.H.E.F. C.H.E.F. is implemented in 5 schools in Miami Dade County. The cooking enrichment  program C.H.E.F., which stands for Cook Healthy Exciting Food is a 12 week 1 hour after school program that is divided into K-2nd and 3rd-5th class groups. The students learn team work, science, culture, math, nutrition, and the life long skill of cooking. Each class has a topic of the week and the recipe is built around the nutrition or cultural topic of that lesson. Students learn a variety of topics throughout the program and take away knowledge that will last them a lifetime.

I also teach private cooking lessons for kids, family, and whoever wants to learn how to cook!

Where I teach?

Currently I teach at local Miami schools such as Riviera Day School and Temple Beth Am. I offer CHEF extra curricular activity and in-school nutrition lessons.  NSU University School this summer I will be offering cooking classes at their summer camp.

Aragon 101 is where I teach Jr. Chef monthly cooking classes and run the Jr. Chef summer cooking camps.