My Story


Hi there and welcome to A Taste of Wellbeing, my name is Alexandra Golovac. Thanks for stopping by and getting to know me. I hope that you find A Taste of Wellbeing helpful in your life and it brings you joy to prepare delicious, easy, and good for you recipes. Food lover is an understatement! Food is my life. I love cooking, baking, eating, reading, learning, teaching, and sharing food. I have dedicated my life to the world of food.

I love it so much that I decided to get my culinary degree, a Certificate Masters in Gastronomy/ Food Studies, and a Nutrition Certification. The reason I created AG Taste Of Wellbeing is that I wanted a place where food was made easy, fun, vibrant, diverse, and most importantly delicious. Food is a great something we all share in each culture and it brings people to the table to gather, laugh, talk, and eat. AG Taste Of Wellbeing is that place for us all to to come together and gather over delicious recipes I hope you make.

What I do? 

  • Nutrition and Wellness Coach
  • Chef Instructor
  • Recipe Developer
  • Food photographer


Cooking with Kids

2 years ago I created an elementary school cooking and nutrition program called C.H.E.F. C.H.E.F. is implemented in 5 schools in Miami Dade County. The cooking enrichment  program C.H.E.F., which stands for Cook Healthy Exciting Food is a 12 week 1 hour after school program that is divided into K-2nd and 3rd-5th class groups. The students learn team work, science, culture, math, nutrition, and the life long skill of cooking. Each class has a topic of the week and the recipe is built around the nutrition or cultural topic of that lesson. Students learn a variety of topics throughout the program and take away knowledge that will last them a lifetime.

I also teach private cooking lessons for kids, family, and whoever wants to learn how to cook!


Nutrition and Wellness Coaching

Along with all of this I coach and offer nutrition consultations and easy healthy meal guides. If you are interested in nutrition consultation please email me for more information.

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