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Real Better For You Halloween Candy List

Real Better For You Halloween Candy List

Candy is in the pantry and it is on the mind. This post is about helping you find better for you options. Not all candy is bad. Not all candy has artificial coloring, preservatives, and filled with junk. There really is such a thing as better for you candy. Since we are in the Halloween season let’s talk about a better for you Halloween candy list.

The majority of the candies and chocolate bars that we know as Halloween candy and candy is filled with  tons of fake sugar. Corn syrup! This stuff is terrible for our health. We definitely don’t want our kids eating it. Candy is also made with loads of chemical coloring and preservatives. More stuff we don’t want to eat.

Thankfully there are many companies out there that care. They really do and these are the kinds of candies and chocolate candies we should be sharing on Halloween. All the candies and chocolate candies I have listed in this Real Better For You Halloween Candy List really do have honest and real ingredients. So before you stock up on the junk candy for Halloween take a look at this list and reconsider. You can still enjoy a little something sweet but just make a better option for you.

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Real Better For You Halloween Candy List

Better For You Halloween Candy List

Unreal Chocolate

Justin’s Chocolate 

Wholesome Organic Candy

Yum Earth Candy

Tories and Howard Organic Candy

Project 7 Gummies

Smart Sweets Candy


Happy Halloween!

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